General Information

In 2018, a hot duo of heart breakers 2Cellos performed at the completely sold-out “Rock in Haapsalu”, who captivated the audience both by their exceptionally high-quality show and their looks. The other performers included Colours of Bubbles, Sibyl Vane, Ilves Sisters.
In 2017, the festival was kicked off by Paul Young, Gary Brooker with a symphony orchestra, Suzi Quatro and Bonnie Tyler. Estonian music was represented by Tõnis Mägi, Ivo Linna and Lea Dali Lion.


Haapsalu is a unique little town because next to the capital, it is almost the only place in Estonia where big rock music events have been organised already for at least 15 years. One of the reasons is definitely a good connection with Tallinn with its largest number of citizens in Estonia, but the fact that Haapsalu is a special, little and cute, romantic resort attracting people with its aura and extraordinary atmosphere is by no means less important … People like to visit Haapsalu.

The following larger rock events that have taken place in Haapsalu must definitely be regarded as a prelude to the rock party this year:
2001 – Firenight festival, the rock flag was held high among other artists by Robert Plant, Wheatus
2003 – Robert Plant was back in Haapsalu, nearly 9 thousand people in the castle yard
2005 – Uriah Heep and Alice Cooper, again nearly 10 thousand people in the castle yard
2006 – Status Quo at their 40 anniversary tour, 10 thousand people in the castle yard
2010 – the US metal king Megadeth, final concert of the European tour, nearly 6 thousand people present
2017 – Rock in Haapsalu 2017 presented rock legends Bonnie Tyler, Suzi Quatro, Lea Dali Lion with their bands, Tõnis Mägi, Ivo Linna, Paul Young and Gary Brooker with the Festival Symphony Orchestra, Raul Vaigla Band and Haapsalu Chamber Choir
2018 – Rock in Haapsalu 2018: 2Cellos, Colours of Bubbles, Sibyl Vane, Ilves Sisters

The party will be held in the yard of the legendary Haapsalu Bishop’s Castle. All the town will rejoice with the festival, parking has been organised, it is possible to camp, eating places are looking forward to the guests.


Ticket information, buy here, special bus on Friday, special bus on Saturday